Residential Services

The refuse collected by route trucks is processed in our Material Recovery Facility, exposing all recyclables to maximize recovery efforts.

How can I recycle at home?

  • Join our Blue Bag Recycling Program! Simply empty and rinse any food and beverage containers and place all of your recycling loose in your recycling blue bag so that they can be easily sorted at the Material Recovery Facility.

How can I recycle my yard waste?

  • Place yard waste bags next to your garbage can. Your green waste will be picked up on your regular collection day and recycled at our  Resource Recovery Facility.

What About:

  • Paint?
  • Florescent Bulbs?
  • Batteries?
  • Thermometers?
  • Pesticides?
  • Used Motor Oil and Antifreeze?

Bring these and other hazardous and universal wastes to the Household Hazardous Waste Facility. 

Recyclables may also be taken to:

South Tahoe Recycling Buy-Back Center
Here you may redeem eligible materials for their buy-back value. 

You may also donate your recyclables to numerous participating charitable  organizations of your choice within our community. 
STR proudly participates in an active recycling program.  All recyclables are processed in our Material Recovery Facility.
Protect our natural resources. Dispose of hazardous waste safely and effectively. 
Photo by:  Jennifer Ward, Customer Service Representative
Contact us 530.541.5105
At the South Tahoe Recycling Buy Back Center you may redeem eligible materials for their buy-back value.
Pick Up Times 
For Residential Service Are Now 7:00 AM

In an effort to improve STR’s customer service, reduce wildlife problems and protect our unique environment, STR has changed garbage and recycling pick up times for all customers. NOTE: PICK UP DAYS REMAIN THE SAME.

The new residential collections pick up times will begin at 7:00 AM
(previously 5:00 AM).

All landords are being asked to provide this notice to their guests 
and tenants.

How You Can Help

Please help STR with this process by:

  • Bagging your garbage to reduce odor.
  • Putting your garbage out the morning of pickup.
  • Purchasing a bear enclosure if you are not home on pick up days.

STR thanks you for your cooperation with this project. 

For additional information call: 530.541.5105
We have seen an increased use of totes throughout the service area. Totes are made of heavy plastic, with a fixed lid, a metal or plastic bar across the front and large wheels. Totes are designed to be lifted and emptied by hydraulic equipment, not by our employees.

Our collection trucks are not equipped to service them. Our employees are not able to service these totes. They are heavy and awkward to lift by hand and the bagged material is too heavy to lift out of the tote.
Trying to lift and unload without the proper equipment will lead to damage to the totes and injury to our employees. You are receiving this notice because you currently have a tote.

As of April 1, 2016, we will not be servicing these types of totes:

South Tahoe Refuse and Recycling will credit your account $25 each for your replacement cans, many of which can be purchased locally. Once your tote has been replaced, the credit will be applied.

These smaller wheeled and regular
 32 gallon type garbage cans are acceptable:

  • Garbage must be in suitable 45 gallon or 32 gallon garbage containers, with tight fitting lids.
  • Garbage cans must weigh less than 60 lbs.
  • Yard waste can be in durable, tied,plastic bags, weighing less than 30lbs.
  • Our employees will not try to lift heavy bags, totes or deal with loose garbage. Bagging garbage also reduces litter and odors that attract wildlife.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

Important Tote Information

Qualificatons for Senior Rates

In order to qualify for Senior Rates you must:
  • Be a California customer only
  • Be a Liberties Utilities CARE Participant
  • Be 65 Years or older
  • Be a Permanent, full-time resident
  • Have an STR account that is in good standing
For more information please call our offices at: